Saturday, July 3, 2010

Information from NPS Members

Dear bloggers,
At the outset, I would like to apologise to all of use for my silence on the blog for over 10 weeks. My dear friend, and NPS life member No LFM 016, Mr Sekhar Chakrabarthi, from Kolkota, has on more than one occasion ,reminded me to update the blog, but, some how I was unable to heed his request. I have ,absolutely,no excuse for not updating the blog but for some personal reasons which kept me preoccupied with other work. I would like to re-irerate that the blog to which I, as incumbent Secretary of the Naval Philatelic Society (NPS), contribute my time, knowledge, enthusiasm and effort is ,primary, meant for NPS members, who ,by subscribing for membership, deserve some thing in return from the NPS. Whilst other bloggers are welcome to access the information as a bonus, I would appreciate if they sought membership of NPS too. Presently, the blog is being run by me only,but very energetic members like Sekhar Chakrabathi (LFM 16), Cmde (Retd) Anil Dhir (LFM 9) and our present Chairman NPS, Mr.D Hemchandra Rao have sent me material for the benefit of all ship stamp lovers so that the blog is updated with maritime information. I owe my sincere gratitiude to these members and I hope that, by my updating at the first instance, the blog with their contribution would encourage them to continue with their efforts to further popularise this blog of ours.
I shall begin with the information sent by Mr. Sekhar Chakrabarthi.
When Mr. Chakrabarthi received this piece of news (Scan on top row left), he searched through his large philatelic collection to unearth the above shown Publicity folder (Scan top row right, middle row left and right, bottom row left and right).
Both, Chakrabarthi and I agree that the contents of the publicity folder,in so far as the achievements of the Pakistani armed forces in the Indo –Pak War 1965 is concerned, it is all hogwash. INS BRAHMAPUTRA was never touched and continued to serve the Indian Navy well beyond 1965, when the Pakistani postal authorities, through their publicity folder claimed it was sunk by PNS Ghazi. PNS Ghazi , was sunk, only history will tell by whom, on 3rd Dec, 1971 and is still lying below the sea surface off Waltair beach on the eastern coast of India.

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